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Can You Tolerate This?: Essays

Can You Tolerate This?: Essays

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Author: Young, Ashleigh

Brand: Riverhead Books

Color: White

Edition: Reprint

Number Of Pages: 256

Release Date: 02-07-2019

Details: Product Description A dazzling—and already prizewinning—collection of essays on youth and aging, ambition and disappointment, Katherine Mansfield tourism and New Zealand punk rock, and the limitations of the body. Youth and frailty, ambition and anxiety, the limitations of the body and the challenges of personal transformation: these are the undercurrents that animate acclaimed poet Ashleigh Young's first collection of essays. In Can You Tolerate This?—the title comes from the question chiropractors ask to test a patient's pain threshold—Young ushers us into her early years in the faraway yet familiar landscape of New Zealand: fantasizing about Paul McCartney, cheering on her older brother's fledging music career, and yearning for a larger and more creative life. As Young's perspective expands, a series of historical portraits—a boy who grew new bone wherever he was injured, an early French postman who built a stone fortress by hand, a generation of Japanese shut-ins—strike unexpected personal harmonies, as an unselfconscious childhood gives way to painful shyness in adolescence. As we watch Young fall in and out of love, undertake an intense yoga practice that masks an eating disorder, and gradually find herself through her writing, a highly particular psyche comes into view: curious, tender, and exacting in her observations of herself and the world around her. Can You Tolerate This? presents a vivid self-portrait of an introspective yet widely curious young woman, the colorful, isolated community in which she comes of age, and the uneasy tensions—between safety and risk, love and solitude, the catharsis of grief and the ecstasy of creation—that define our lives. Review “A lovely, profound debut that spins metaphors of its own creation and the segmented identity of the essayist, that self-regarding self.”  — Alice Bolin, New York Times Book Review (Editors’ Choice) “An edgy, vibrant portrait of electricity in language and the body in crisis . . . In exacting sentences [Young] probes the body's mysteries . . . She sees to the marrow of our humanity with a kind of MRI vision. In Young's hands the lyric essay transforms into something rich and strange, a sea change of form. Can You Tolerate This? is an assured debut from a prodigiously talented, empathic writer.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune   “Wry, confessional, understated and often hilarious. Each piece lifts you up and deposits you in a place you never expected to find yourself. They startle with their immediacy and candor; they offer comfort even as they ask you to see things anew. . . Young, like the best essayists, writes with humorous self-regard about her own lived small moments, which reveal as much about us as they do about her. The intimacy of her stories creates a connection, making even a foreign place feel like home.” —Washington Post   “Like a Lena Dunham from Down Under, Young’s writing explores fragility and resilience with a visceral, bodily focus. Her essays are both grounded in particulars—there are ruminations on Katherine Mansfield, arm hair, and the oppression of attempting to work in the same space as someone else—and universal.” —Vogue   “This debut essay collection is arriving stateside with a heap of acclaim and some major awards already behind it. Kiwi-born Young first meditates on her own experiences, particularly relating to aging and community, before expanding to bring alive an eclectic range of historical figures.”  —Entertainment Weekly   “The essays of Ashleigh Young’s  Can You Tolerate This? are lithe, sure-footed things, some companionable, wild-eyed new species of familiar that leads us to their considerations with tenderness and nerve.”  —Tin House   “As this essay collection proves, there’s no topic that Ashleigh Young can’t render brilliantly.” —Refinery 29   “Cool, ambivalent pieces about human limits and the monstrousness and beauty to be found both within and beyond them . . . These are thoughtful, searching [e

EAN: 9780525534044

Languages: English

Binding: Paperback

Item Condition: UsedLikeNew