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Making Marriage Simple: Ten Relationship-Saving Truths

Making Marriage Simple: Ten Relationship-Saving Truths

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Author: Hendrix, Harville

Brand: Harmony

Edition: Illustrated


  • Harmony

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 208

Details: Product Description What if incompatibility is actually grounds for marriage? What if conflict is growth trying to happen? Making Marriage Simple is the go-to guide for building a strong marriage in a modern world. Get practical advice from two expert relationship therapists with decades of "R&D" in the marriage lab of international workshops and their own relationship journey. New York Times bestselling authors, Harville Hendrix Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt Ph.D., distill everything they've learned about creating a successful and satisfying relationship into 10 essential truths. In each chapter, Harville and Helen introduce a simple truth--such as "a frustration is a wish in disguise," "incompatibility is grounds for marriage," or "conflict is growth trying to happen." Then, they walk you through easy, yet effective, exercises to help you apply each truth in real life, every day. Harville and Helen have spent their careers helping couples transform their marriages through research, workshops, and counseling. Their first book, Getting the Love You Want, was featured 15 times on The Oprah Winfrey Show and a runaway bestseller. However, marriage--even for marriage experts--is never easy, and a number of years ago they found themselves on the brink of divorce. Harville and Helen put themselves back together through the exercises they used coaching other couples, saving their marriage, and helping achieve a true partnership. Making Marriage Simple offers the practical tools needed to transform one's relationship into a rewarding and joyous marriage. Read the strategic blueprint for creating a stronger, more satisfying partnership in today's world. Review “[An] easy-to-understand handbook for creating and maintaining a “Partnership Marriage.” Lightened by a cartoon couple’s relationship conversations and whimsical descriptions of personality types (e.g., the Turtle and the Hailstorm), the book advocates a relationship in which each member helps the other recapitulate and recover from the emotional wounds of childhood…Hendrix and Hunt’s focus on gentleness, reflective listening, and removing negativity forms a decidedly common-sense approach to marriage. Base this in a clear and methodical approach, and you’ve got a workable manual for couples committed to doing a better job living a modern married life—for their own sake and their partner’s.” –Publishers Weekly“This book ought to be in every bride and groom's gift basket. Not only have Hendrix and Hunt created a delightful and easy-to-read guide to what every marriage needs, but they have done it by also revealing their own personal struggles (with their very happy ending) to the reader. We absolutely loved the cartoons. The book is the ideal combination of useful advice and very specific tips, and a real understanding of the huge benefits a new couple will gain from a lasting, intimate relationship. Here's how to make that happen!”  —John & Julie Gottman, authors of And Baby Makes Three "I am thrilled that the greatest hits of what Harville and Helen have taught for decades are being distilled into one book. They are true masterful teachers and have offered clear, humorous, revelatory knowledge. Beyond supporting an intimate marriage, the application of these tools yields benefits throughout every relationship in your life."  —Alanis Morissette“This is an enormously useful, helpful, and effective book (and workbook) for married couples, but really for relationships in general. With enormous clarity and insight, Harville and Helen walk us through the major traps of relationships, and specific techniques and exercises to overcome them, making your relationships deeper, stronger, more loving, and more rewarding—all around! Highly recommended for any relationship.”  —Ken Wilber, author of The Integral Vision   About the Author HARVILLE HENDRIX, Ph.D, author of Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples, has more than forty years of experience as a clinical pa

EAN: 9780770437145

Release Date: 01-04-2014

Package Dimensions: 7.9 x 5.1 x 0.8 inches

Languages: English

Binding: Paperback