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The Heirs: A Novel

The Heirs: A Novel

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Author: Rieger, Susan

Brand: Broadway Books

Color: Sky/Pale blue

Edition: Reprint

Number Of Pages: 288

Release Date: 06-02-2018

Details: Product Description Named one of NPR's Best Books of 2017"Both original and moving—and a whole lot of fun."—CAROLINE LEAVITT, New York Times Book Review"A must-read."—People"Fans of Salinger's stories about Manhattan's elite will enjoy this novel about privileged siblings who grapple with the state of their inheritance and long-held secrets that emerge in the wake of their father's death."—InStyle   Six months after Rupert Falkes dies, leaving a grieving widow and five adult sons, an unknown woman sues his estate, claiming she had two sons by him. The Falkes brothers are pitched into turmoil, at once missing their father and feeling betrayed by him. In disconcerting contrast, their mother, Eleanor, is cool and calm, showing preternatural composure.    Eleanor and Rupert had made an admirable life together—Eleanor with her sly wit and generosity, Rupert with his ambition and English charm—and they were proud of their handsome, talented sons: Harry, a brash law professor; Will, a savvy Hollywood agent; Sam, an astute doctor and scientific researcher; Jack, a jazz trumpet prodigy; Tom, a public-spirited federal prosecutor. The brothers see their identity and success as inextricably tied to family loyalty—a loyalty they always believed their father shared. Struggling to reclaim their identity, the brothers find Eleanor’s sympathy toward the woman and her sons confounding. Widowhood has let her cast off the rigid propriety of her stifling upbringing, and the brothers begin to question whether they knew either of their parents at all.   A riveting portrait of a family, told with compassion, insight, and wit, The Heirs wrestles with the tangled nature of inheritance and legacy for one unforgettable, patrician New York family. Moving seamlessly through a constellation of rich, arresting voices, The Heirs is a tale out Edith Wharton for the 21st century. Review Praise for The Heirs: "Both original and moving  — and a whole lot of fun...With grace and finesse, Rieger (whose previous novel was  The Divorce Papers) swings effortlessly from character to character... the major players are so richly alive, their search for the truth so absorbing, that you might tear some pages in your rush to turn them." — New York Times Book Review “Elegant literary prose and supremely likeable characters make this a must-read.” — People "Fans of Salinger's stories about Manhattan's elite will enjoy this novel about privileged siblings who grapple with the state of their inheritance and long-held secrets that emerge in the wake of their father's death." — InStyle “Love and sex and money and betrayal make for excellent storytelling. And The Heirs has all of that... As an exploration of the hidden lives of Rupert and Eleanor Falkes, it is a posh soap opera written by Fitzgerald and the Brontes. As a window on a family shaken by death, it is The Royal Tenenbaums, polished up and moved across town. But its beauty, economy and expensive wit is all its own.” — “Speaking of intrigue, who doesn’t love a good family drama? As the next step to summer reading bliss, turn off daytime TV and pick up a book that gives you the same kind of thrill without making you feel your brain’s turned to junk. Rieger’s  The Heirs is about the secrets and lies that threaten to consume the Falkes family, moneyed Manhattanites with a flawless educational pedigree.”  — Brit + Co “…a thoroughly engaging family saga and an incisive probe into the upper crust of Manhattan society—a slice of Edith Wharton transported to the 21st century… Rieger’s intimate look at this intriguing family is an erudite and witty take on a social circle that most readers can only imagine.” — Bookpage “Brilliantly constructed and flawlessly written…an emotional and satisfying story of how a complicated family and their outliers handle life’s most pivotal moments.” — Library Journal, starred review "[An] assured novel of family, money, and secrets, reminiscent in theme and tone of

EAN: 9781101904732

Languages: English

Binding: Paperback

Item Condition: UsedLikeNew