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The Pier Falls: And Other Stories (Vintage Contemporaries)

The Pier Falls: And Other Stories (Vintage Contemporaries)

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Author: Haddon, Mark

Brand: Vintage

Color: Silver

Edition: Reprint

Number Of Pages: 320

Release Date: 02-05-2017

Details: Product Description Nine dazzling stories from the beloved, bestselling author of  The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. The stories that make up The Pier Falls take many forms—Victorian adventure, science fiction, morality tale, contemporary realism—but they are united by the talent and empathy that have made Mark Haddon a household name. Lyrical and uncompromising, these tales span from England to Mars, ancient Greece to the deepest Amazon. Drawing inventively from history, myth, folklore, and modern life, The Pier Falls reveals a previously unseen side of the celebrated author. Review “Truly spectacular. . . . While reading these terrific tales one wonders how a single mind can create such diverse fiction as Mark Haddon has done here.” — Minneapolis Star Tribune “[Haddon is] a virtuoso stylist. . . . One reads in a state of surrender.” — Chicago Tribune   “Gripping. . . . [Haddon is an] expert and innovative world-builder. . . . His voice can convey the authority of ancient fairy tales.” — The New York Times “The nine stories in [ The Pier Falls] are exuberant, lusty exercises in juxtaposition: intimacy and estrangement, exoticism and domesticity, innocuousness and malevolence, the cataloguing of minute detail and the expansiveness of the zoomed-out lens.” — The Guardian   “Haunting. . . . It is rare that an author can write with such depth and clarity.” —Austin American Statesman " The Pier Falls is pure genius and I'm jealous of every word." —Douglas Coupland About the Author Mark Haddon is the author of the bestselling novels The Red House and A Spot of Bother. His novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time won the Whitbread Book of the Year Award and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for First Fiction and is the basis for the Tony Award–winning play. He is the author of a collection of poetry, The Talking Horse and the Sad Girl and the Village Under the Sea, has written and illustrated numerous children’s books, and has won awards for both his radio dramas and his television screenplays. He teaches creative writing for the Arvon Foundation and lives in Oxford, England. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. THE PIER FALLS     23 July 1970, the end of the afternoon. A cool breeze off the Chan- nel, a mackerel sky overhead and, far out, a column of sunlight falling onto a trawler as if God had picked it out for some kind of blessing. The upper storeys of the Regency buildings along the front sit above a gaudy rank of coffee houses and fish bars and knick-knack shops with striped awnings selling 99s and dried seahorses in cellophane envelopes. The names of the hotels are writ large in neon and weatherproof paint. The Excelsior, the Camden, the Royal. The word Royal is missing an o.   Gulls wheel and cry. Two thousand people saunter along the prom, some carrying towels and Tizer to the beach, others paus- ing to put a shilling in the telescope or to lean against a balus- trade whose pistachio-green paint has blistered and popped in a hundred years of salt air. A gull picks up a wafer from a dropped ice cream and lifts into the wind.   On the beach a portly woman hammers a windbreak into the sand with the heel of a shoe while a pair of freckled twins build a fort from sand and lolly sticks. The deckchair man is collecting rentals, doling out change from a leather pouch at his hip. “No deeper than your waist,” shouts a father. “Susan? No deeper than your waist.”   The air on the pier is thick with the smell of engine grease and fried onions spooned onto hot dogs. The boys from the ticket booth ride shotgun on the rubber rims of the bumper cars, the contacts scraping and sparking on the live chicken wire nailed to the roof above their heads. A barrel organ plays Strauss waltzes on repeat.   Nine minutes to five. Ozone and sea-sparkle and carnival licence.   This is how it begins.   A rivet fails, one of eight which should clamp the joint between two

EAN: 9781101970133

Languages: english

Binding: Paperback

Item Condition: UsedLikeNew